NBS for Telecom operators

Reliability, competence and long-term strategy.

For complete control of the entire management chain

What does NBS7 mean for telecom operators?
An offer-based system for “all-in-one”-management throughout the chain - from data collecting to billing.

Other advantages with NBS7 for telecom operators:

Mediating function, now with over 40 different formats, which are adapted to your needs. E.g. Ericsson CCO, Sergel PI3, TAP and Telia Mobile.
Expense control with Cost-rating.
Advanced traffic drop management and price plan function.
Manages the most advanced and diverse service ideas and billing rules.
Super efficient billing function, tested and developed over the past 20 years.
Integrates work processes into controlled workflows.
Integrates payment partners and print partners.


  • Sollefteå Fiber Networks

    Sollefteå Fiber Networks has chosen NBS as our cohesive system, in order to efficiently manage our offers and the processes needed – from quotations to delivery, support and billing.

    Johanna Nilsson
    Marketing director

  • Phonero

    Phonero has actively chosen Nipsoft due to the possibilities of a coherent solution for DRM, delivery, rating, mediation and billing. A solution that provides us with full control over a very important part of our business.

    Kenneth Amodei
    IT-director Phonero AS, Norge

  • Partel

    In Nipsoft’s solution, we see a vision for the future which is very interesting. With NBS our processes will be more efficient, we will have full control of our offers and can guarantee our quality of service. This means more business and happier customers.

    Fredrik Albrecht
    Business manager, Partel