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NBS directs its system toward businesses selling subscription-based products, such as telephone or streaming service subscriptionsIn this type of business model, the Offer holds a central role because its lifetime differs from models that don’t require a subscription. In NBS, the user configures Offers so that it reflects the agreement that customers are offered, both from a technical and business perspective throughout the lifetime of the subscription.


In a subscription-based pricing model, administering Subscriptions is crucial. In NBS, users can easily handle communication with customers and keep Subscriptions up-to-date to accommodate any changes customers may want. Users make all changes to the subscription within the Offer’s boundaries, ensuring that prices align with the pricing model.


NBS is a modular system which requires a high integrability of the whole system. To connect the different modules, NBS provides powerful tools for creating automated workflows that communicate within the system or externally. NBS includes over 100 out-of-the-box tasks that you can configure into a workflow.
To connect the different parts as in the system, NBS provides powerful tools for creating automated workflows. Workflows comprise tasks that are performed internally within the system and also automate communication with external parties.


The hallmark of NBS is an efficient invoicing process because it automates almost everything. A user can create 10 or 25,000 invoices in the same amount of time!